24 Hour Business Plan Template

How to Validate Your Startup Ideas and Plan Your Business Venture

Business Plan Template - Clean
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“This book is a great quick guide to tackle startup ideas and to bring them to the execution level.”
-Bilal Abdul Kader, Concordia University Finance Department Lecturer

You will learn how to:

  • Validate your business ideas.
  • Plan your business in less time.
  • Launch your business with confidence.

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24 Hour Business Plan Template has been an Amazon.com bestseller:

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What People Are Saying

This book is a great read if you are starting or want to plan to start a business.” -Marbl Productions, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“You are awesome! I have already recommended your book to 3 other people…24-Hour Business Plan Template is a staple to any entrepreneurs toolkit.” -Tracy Kawa, Kawa Community Partners

“…great quick guide…to tackle startup ideas and to bring it to the execution level.” -Bilal Abdul Kader, Concordia University Finance Department Lecturer

24 Hour Business Plan Template is right on the money, and exactly what I hoped it would be when I bought it. I must tell you that it is the most comprehensive 85 page book I have ever read, on any subject! Thank you!” -Douglas Crotty, Business Development Specialist

“This is a book written for smart people by a smart author.” -Tim H, Amazon Reader

I highly recommend this book. This book is for action takers and will surely set you on a wise and planned out course.” -Jessica Keller, Amazon Reader

“Great book. I had the pleasure of sitting in the congressional hearing for SBA this past week, and someone mentioned your book as a great way to get a plan going ASAP.” -Jeff H.

“This book really provided me the framework to understand and execute a business plan.” -Frank, Amazon Reader

“This book had great practical advice for validating a business idea.” Alexander Jelev, Amazon Reader

“…extremely helpful guide in getting started. It brought to light several issues and ideas I would have never thought of before.” -Rebecca C, Amazon Reader

“…a really great read.” -Mihir Patel, Amazon Reader

“I saw your book advertised through my Kindle reader.  It was very timely, as I had not written a business plan since college (I am now 53 years old).  Your book inspired me to create a business plan presentation of which will be presented this coming week.  I truly appreciate your methodical, thought-provoking and “complete picture” approach to creating a business plan.” -Mo B., Amazon Reader

“This book made the business plan process simpler to understand. This was an easy, informative read that motivated me to complete my business plan.” -Daniel F., Amazon Reader

“(This book) lays out a logical format for getting a business up and running.” -Richard H. Davis, Jr., Amazon Reader

Clear, concise and great templates to start your own business in black and white. To-do lists as well as how to overcome this initial part of the business.” -Ricardo M. Morales Acevedes, Amazon Reader

“I just finished the book and left you a review! Thank you for giving me this book. As a first time entrepreneur I feel like it has really helped ground me and forced me to think everything through.” -Julian K., Amazon Reader

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