TrackVia should really improve their API

As of the writing of this article, they don’t provide a means of looking up:

  • Records by Field within a View
  • Records by exact match query string

The search functionality they do provide (GET /openapi/views/{viewId}/find) is difficult at best, because this (inconsistently) returns partial matches and close variants.

For example, if you search for a record containing the exact string “Steven Fies – 123-456-7890” (keeping in mind you can’t search by field/column) — TrackVia’s API may also return things like “Steve Fies – 567-890-1234” and “John Doe – 123-456-7890”.

Not to mention, those partial matches and variants may reside in other fields (columns) that you don’t intend to target or query.

Without getting into a huge explanation, here’s an easy JavaScript solution that I coded today:

You will probably need to adjust the code to work with your specific application, but hopefully this will save you some time at least.

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