Avada Woocommerce pages 100% full-width with 1 line of code (a single changed word, actually)

Finally I discovered how to make Avada’s woocommerce pages 100% full width. And it only took modifying a single word, in one line of code, in the appropriate theme file.

You’ll need to access the following template, which you can do from the WordPress editor:

Avada: class-avada-layout.php (includes/class-avada-layout.php)

Now scroll down and find the following php function (you can do a CTRL+F for this easily enough):

public function is_hundred_percent_template

At the very end of the function where it says return: false; change this to return: true; and you’re done.

Note: This will force all of your pages to full-width, so this fix may not be “perfect” for everyone.

However, it’s the most straightforward way to fix Avada’s asinine code injections, which wrap around any full-width “main” class wrappers you attempt to use (such as in a custom child theme template) thereby destroying your ability to go full width even with a custom template.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

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