Restructure JSON array of objects in Zapier to access object key data

Let’s explore how to restructure a JSON array of objects in Zapier to access object key data. More specifically, how to reduce a JSON array to make the values for each object key available in subsequent zap steps. Notably, this is designed to “solve” the issue of Zapier grouping object key values into a comma-separated list (frustrating[…]

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The Difference Between Success & Well-Being

Success & Well-Being Defined What’s the difference between success & well-being? According to the dictionary: Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit. Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. Success vs. Well-Being Looking at the above definitions, would you rather achieve success or well-being? I believe[…]

The Difference Between Being Efficient & Effective

Why Being Effective is Better Than Efficient These days it seems everyone is obsessed with efficiency. Everyone wants to squeeze more out of their limited 24-hour day. But what they really want is to be more productive – and productivity is more a function of being effective than being efficient. Defining Effectiveness and Efficiency Examine the definitions[…]

Why You Should Become a Generalist (Not a Specialist)

Economic Specialization: My Background Back in my undergrad days at UC San Diego, I majored in Management Science (basically a more math-heavy version of Economics). Eventually in my senior year, I became a teaching assistant in my department. This always made me feel important, because UCSD’s Econ Dept is Top 10 in the nation – and[…]

Mobile Detect: When @media queries aren’t enough

Lightweight PHP Class for Detecting Mobile Devices Today I came across a fantastic, lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices. It’s called Mobile Detect, and you can download it here: The use case from today involved swapping in a lighter-weight slider element on mobile, while allowing a heavier-weight slider to render on desktop. Media queries and[…]