Avada is one of my favorite WordPress themes…

Avada is an incredibly popular theme, and it has worked very well with my WordPress installation. Funny enough, I’m currently not using Avada on StevenFies.com (rather, I’m using a very simple plug-and-play theme called Zerif Lite at the moment) — but for all of my business websites, I’m using Avada.

There are three primary reasons I’m using Avada:

1. Ease of use (no coding required).

I’m not a programmer, so this is important to me. The theme interface consists of a “Theme Options” menu that controls a number of global functions – like color scheme, typeface, and header layout – plus a “Fusion Builder” that makes page-building a 100% drag-and-drop exercise.

Fusion 2

Avada’s fusion builder includes several shortcode elements to drag and drop into your site.

Even if I were a programmer (technically, I do know a bit of HTML and CSS), the simplicity of the page builder allows for a faster workflow than straight coding would support. There is also the visual benefit of seeing the page laid out on the screen as you’re building it, each column in its respective position and all the elements arranged how they will be on the screen.

Fusion Builder

The fusion builder makes it easy to drag and drop sections to visually lay out your site pages.

For people who are programmers, you can insert a “code block” anywhere into the mix and write your own code, or revert to the default page editor to do an entirely custom job. Nothing is stopping you from accessing your CSS and PHP files on the back end of WordPress, either, which is nice.

2. Excellent value, documentation, and support.

The theme I used prior to Avada was called Divi (made by Elegant Themes). It had a similar page-builder and even a decent amount of documentation online, but it is nowhere nearly as robust nor intuitive as Avada (made by Theme Fusion, btw).

Furthermore, the entry level price for Divi is $69 (1 personal license) whereas Avada is just $58 – although it ended up being $60 with the ‘minimum’ charge imposed by Theme Forest. There is no question in my mind that Avada is far more powerful and easy to use than Divi, so this was a nice surprise – and I feel I’ve received great value from Avada’s developers based on what I was using before.

Avada Menu

A quick look at Avada’s “Theme Options” menu in WordPress gives us a glimpse at what it can do in terms of controlling our global options.

Since over 100,000 people are using Avada, there also happens to be a plethora of information about it online. Quick google searches have answered most of my questions and solved most ‘issues’ within minutes. The amount of documentation available on Avada has also impressed me, and their shortcode list has been a great help when customizing key elements on my sites.

It also seems clear that Avada’s support personnel are very responsive when users have questions. This is always a plus because you never know when something might come up, and knowing that people are available to help provides an extra layer of comfort and security when committing to a theme for business purposes.

3. Fast learning curve and implementation.

Now that I’ve taken the big dive off the cliff as an entrepreneur, out all on my own, something highly important to me is being able to execute quickly and without disruption. I’m not really in a position to be dealing with bugs, broken elements, or other setbacks that would put me behind schedule.

In addition to what I mentioned earlier about the fast workflow I’ve achieved with Avada, it’s notable that there have been no major setbacks or downsides that I’ve experienced in the past month since installing in on three separate WordPress sites – two business sites, and one sandbox.

I’ll admit that my learning curve was probably a little faster since I was already using a similar theme before (Divi), but I’d say the average person could still pick this up quickly enough. I’ve learned more as I’ve gotten deeper into building my websites, for sure, but even on Day 1 I was creating pages and customizing theme elements with relative ease.

In other words, for all of you immediate gratification people out there, this might be a great theme to consider since it sets up so fast. It is one of the more powerful themes available, relatively speaking, and in combination with its other pluses it really shines in this regard. Certainly a great find by my business partner, Thomas, and helpful in my online entrepreneurial quest.


Avada’s developers created this theme much like Microsoft’s developers created Microsoft Word. You start it up and just go. Sure, there are things to learn and figure out over time, but you won’t have to worry about breaking anything in the process, and if you are more tech-savvy then you still retain full control over your website.

As an entrepreneur it’s worked great for me, and if you’re interested you can get Avada here.

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