Restructure JSON array of objects in Zapier to access object key data

Let’s explore how to restructure a JSON array of objects in Zapier to access object key data. More specifically, how to reduce a JSON array to make the values for each object key available in subsequent zap steps. Notably, this is designed to “solve” the issue of Zapier grouping object key values into a comma-separated list (frustrating[…]

Find records in TrackVia API without the Record ID

TrackVia should really improve their API As of the writing of this article, they don’t provide a means of looking up: Records by Field within a View Records by exact match query string The search functionality they do provide (GET /openapi/views/{viewId}/find) is difficult at best, because this (inconsistently) returns partial matches and close variants. For example,[…]

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The Difference Between Success & Well-Being

Success & Well-Being Defined What’s the difference between success & well-being? According to the dictionary: Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit. Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. Success vs. Well-Being Looking at the above definitions, would you rather achieve success or well-being? I believe[…]

The Difference Between Being Efficient & Effective

Why Being Effective is Better Than Efficient These days it seems everyone is obsessed with efficiency. Everyone wants to squeeze more out of their limited 24-hour day. But what they really want is to be more productive – and productivity is more a function of being effective than being efficient. Defining Effectiveness and Efficiency Examine the definitions[…]

The Real Reason People Hate Marketing

Why People Hate Marketing Not everyone hates marketing, but many people do hate marketing quite a bit. Why? People don’t hate marketing because it’s impersonal. People don’t hate marketing because it’s an interruption. In fact, people don’t even hate marketing because the “message” doesn’t “speak to them.” People hate marketing because it’s often mis-targeted. In[…]