Consequentialism vs. Deontology: On the Ethics of Voting

Consequentialism vs. Deontology Consequentialism and Deontology are clashing moral philosophies in the field of Ethics. They clash because each offers a different approach to determining “right” from “wrong.” What is Consequentialism? Consequentialism holds that the consequences of one’s actions are the basis for moral judgment. This promotes the rationale that “the ends justify the means.” Extreme consequentialists may believe any method used to achieve a moral[…]

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How Donald Trump Has Completely Missed The Point

Growing up as a white male in America. Let’s start here: I grew up as a white male in a middle class family in Scottsdale, Arizona – a historically Republican state. My early political leanings were to the right. I’ve never completely identified with one political extreme or the other, but I did develop somewhat conservative beliefs during[…]