Optimism vs. Pessimism: The Right Time for Each

Optimism vs. Pessimism Explained Optimism vs. pessimism is a common debate. Should you be optimistic or pessimistic at any given time? Which frame of mind leads to better results? Under what circumstances? The consequences of choosing wrong are detrimental. Staying optimistic beyond the point of reason leads to failed efforts, investments, and relationships. Being overly pessimistic[…]

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How Donald Trump Has Completely Missed The Point

Growing up as a white male in America. Let’s start here: I grew up as a white male in a middle class family in Scottsdale, Arizona – a historically Republican state. My early political leanings were to the right. I’ve never completely identified with one political extreme or the other, but I did develop somewhat conservative beliefs during[…]

Cosmos is the Best Documentary on Netflix

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Neil DeGrasse Tyson knocks it out of the park with Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. The popular astrophysicist (who is quickly becoming the “face of space,” and who hosts Cosmos) takes us through an astounding journey in this 2014 documentary, combining practical lessons of science and space with a humanitarian goal to raise awareness about[…]

The Problem with Education in America: The Wrong Curriculum

First, what do I like about education in America? There are many aspects of America’s current educational system that I like: public school systems, sponsored extracurricular programs, and all of the well-meaning teachers and faculty who work hard every day to educate children and teenagers. Certainly everyone involved in modern education and schools should receive[…]

Your true calling or purpose in life might not be “one thing”

Specializing in One Thing is Pretty Unfulfilling As I get closer to thirty years old, sometimes I wonder: “What is my true calling, or purpose in life?” No matter your age, you’ve probably wondered the same thing before, asking yourself if you’re “where you’re supposed to be” at any given moment in time. On a[…]