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Join Me @ NASA’s ATLAS V Rocket Launch – 4/18/17

My Journey to NASA in 2017 NASA has selected me as 1 of 50 social media influencers to cover their upcoming ATLAS V rocket launch. How exciting! Third Update 4/16: I’m now at my Airbnb in Cocoa, FL near the Kennedy Space Center. The launch has been scheduled for April 18th, 2017 at 11:11 am[…]

Heretics to Heroes by Cort Dial, Austin Executive Consultant

Heretics to Heroes reveals potent business and life lessons through the story of Cort’s life and career. The format is unique, because it’s a non-fiction business book that reads like a thrilling fiction tale. Cort is an executive consultant who has helped major, international corporations save billions of dollars – but he’s not your typical high-powered suit.

Existential Questions: What Are You Looking For in Life, and Why?

What is your existential driving force? We are all looking for something in life. You are looking for something in life. And at your core, there is a driving force causing you to pursue it. The question remains, what exactly are you looking for – and why? This is a question worth answering, because it provides deep insight into[…]

The Power of Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance

George Lucas Strikes Back… with important life lessons. Last night my wife and I watched Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with some friends. I’ve long been a Star Wars nerd, but what struck me on this particular occasion was how accurately George Lucas manages to depict human psychology. Towards the end of the movie, Darth[…]

Consequentialism vs. Deontology: On the Ethics of Voting

Consequentialism vs. Deontology Consequentialism and Deontology are clashing moral philosophies in the field of Ethics. They clash because each offers a different approach to determining “right” from “wrong.” What is Consequentialism? Consequentialism holds that the consequences of one’s actions are the basis for moral judgment. This promotes the rationale that “the ends justify the means.” Extreme consequentialists may believe any method used to achieve a moral[…]