Optimism vs. Pessimism: The Right Time for Each

Optimism vs. Pessimism Explained Optimism vs. pessimism is a common debate. Should you be optimistic or pessimistic at any given time? Which frame of mind leads to better results? Under what circumstances? The consequences of choosing wrong are detrimental. Staying optimistic beyond the point of reason leads to failed efforts, investments, and relationships. Being overly pessimistic[…]

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Three #1 Best-Sellers and $7,500 in Book Sales in One Month

Three #1 best-sellers and $7,500 in book sales in Feb 2016. #1 best-sellers are books that sell hundreds, if not thousands of copies per month. They are not easy to produce but it can be done. In this post, you will learn how I boosted three of my books to #1 best-seller spots in February 2016. Let’s start at[…]

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Sea Anemones

So, what’s the deal with sea anemones anyways? You may be wondering what entrepreneurs can learn from sea anemones. Let’s dive right in: Many years ago I read an interesting story about sea anemones on coral reefs. The sea anemones on the outside of the reef are far more colorful, vibrant, and strong than those on[…]

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Mautic – Free Open Source Marketing Automation

Mautic – Free Open Source Marketing Automation Mautic is a free, open-source marketing automation software system. It can be setup through the Mautic cloud or installed directly on your server (preferred). Mautic has already saved me hundreds of dollars. In the long run it will surely save me tens of thousands. The simple fact of[…]

Ego-Shattering Realities of Entrepreneurship

Are you tough enough to handle entrepreneurship? Part of the rite of passage in becoming an entrepreneur – at least for most of us, I think – is having your ego shattered. This probably sounds like a terrible thing. However, it is actually very insightful and valuable. What do I mean exactly? You quickly become[…]