The Power of Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance

George Lucas Strikes Back… with important life lessons. Last night my wife and I watched Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with some friends. I’ve long been a Star Wars nerd, but what struck me on this particular occasion was how accurately George Lucas manages to depict human psychology. Towards the end of the movie, Darth[…]

Optimism vs. Pessimism: The Right Time for Each

Optimism vs. Pessimism Explained Optimism vs. pessimism is a common debate. Should you be optimistic or pessimistic at any given time? Which frame of mind leads to better results? Under what circumstances? The consequences of choosing wrong are detrimental. Staying optimistic beyond the point of reason leads to failed efforts, investments, and relationships. Being overly pessimistic[…]

Your true calling or purpose in life might not be “one thing”

Specializing in One Thing is Pretty Unfulfilling As I get closer to thirty years old, sometimes I wonder: “What is my true calling, or purpose in life?” No matter your age, you’ve probably wondered the same thing before, asking yourself if you’re “where you’re supposed to be” at any given moment in time. On a[…]

An Early Morning Walk in McCormick Woods

McCormick Woods Trails in Port Orchard, Washington Recently I bought a new “smartwatch” called the Basis Peak, and so far I’ve been pretty satisfied with it. The primary reason for the purchase was to track my sleep patterns, but its integrated, gamified habit-building tools and alerts are proving to be quite useful for me as[…]

How to Deal With Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

Overcome Your Fear When Investing Money in a New Venture or Project We’ve all been there.  Well, some of us have – maybe even most of us. I’m talking about taking a business risk, specifically a financial risk.  You know, the kind of situation where you take serious money out of your bank account and plop it down in[…]